October 9, 2013

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hey Ladies, 

No, I am not talking about Snow White, but I have to admit that today's post really is dreamy. 
At least for me. We all want to be a princess in our own way and so we care about our look. Our beauty junkie collection is growing, not to mention jewelry, perfumes, body products etc. Boys will never understand that we do need all those stuff to be their representative part and/or good looking. I also think, women should get at least double salary for this reason, but that's another story ;) Do you agree? So:

Once upon a time, one sunny afternoon my dear boyfriend Mr.R himself, suggested that I should find some dressing table..(isn't he awesome??). However I think it was more less because of  messy Himalaja make up hill grown in the bathroom or any other room in the apartment :) So I could not do anything else but agree and browse for some vanity inspirations. Which one is winner for you? Do you have your own make up table? Send me your pictures! I can't wait to get my beauty world organized in one place ;)

 pics google


  1. Love these! gave me some great ideas on how to decorate my apartment :)

    1. Hi Irina, I'm glad you got some inspiration..
      Have a nice day! ;)